Soaring Capital Beekeepers Association

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The Soaring Capital Beekeepers Association

Is a beekeeping club, located in Horseheads NY.
We strive to help our members in every aspect of beekeeping.

  • Monthly Meetings
  • Problem Solving
  • Group Purchasing
  • Special Events
  • Club Hives
  • Family Fun

Lenny’s Corner
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President of Soaring Capital Beekeepers Association

Owner of Wheeling Bee Equipment Co.

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Swarm Removal in the Twin Tiers

The following are club members that will come and retrieve any swarms you find.

Burt Beebe Call or Text (607)-481-3787

Peter Maybaum Call (607) 562-8181

Wes Campbell  Call or Text (607) 331-5360

Jim Reynolds Call (607) 398-0303

Rob Wilson Call (607) 333-5987

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